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The Ivium potentiostats are standard equipped with a wide range of hardware and software options, including Frequency Response Analysis (Impedance), Electrochemical Noise (ECN), high current resolution (lowest current range 1 pA full scale), etc. The availability of an advanced potentiostat platform that offers a high power potentiostat for general purpose studies and a portable potentiostat for measurements on location and measurement of small signals, ensures a truely wide range of applications, including:

● Alternative/sustainable energy

The expansive functionality of both the hardware and the software, in combination with the high current output has made various research groups choose for the IviumStat to be used for their investigation of alternatives for energy supply.

● Batteries
● Supercapacitors
● Fuel cells
● Membrane electrode assemblies
● Electrolysis
● Deposition
● Photo voltaïc study
● Corrosion

The Ivium portable CompactStat™ is the only true mobile potentiostat on the market that includes the (build-in) possibility of Frequency Response Analysis. It is used for on-location corrosion studies and coating evaluation

● Analytical electrochemistry
● Nanotechnology
● Sensor development
● Bio-electrochemistry
● Medical research

The fact that the Ivium CompactStat is galvanically isolated combined with the possibility of measuring very small signals with great accuracy has made various research groups realize its ideal capacity for use in medical research.

● Semi conductors
● Impedance study
● General electrochemistry
● Education